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Effective Waste Recycling

Welcome to 3D Stripout!

We provide effective waste recycling for your stripout projects.


About Us

3D Stripout was created from a need to supply London with an effective way to stripout your office, retail unit or commercial unit. Our stripout solutions are performed with the highest quality, at a great price. Therefore, we use our knowledge and expertise from the industry to always better our services and to ensure that ever client receives a service that is safe.


With recent constraints placed on principal contractors, we are well placed to provide a single turnkey solution in full project management, through to customer service with on-site performance to final handover. Therefore, we are here to cater to all your stripout needs!


With every project, we deliver an on-time schedule that keeps to the given budget and time frame. We are able to work in or out of offices hours, 7 days a week. Our team are well equipped to deliver all our clients requirements. We always provide a hands-on experience as this enables us to effectively and efficiently deliver our client’s strip out project requirements.


Effective Waste Recycling

At 3D Stripout we strive to be a sustainable company. We are able to achieve this by having an effective waste recycling scheme put into place on every project. This allows us to offer even more competitive prices to all our clients.


We are also proud to say that when it comes to effective waste recycling, we are the best in the business. This is because our waste recycling technique have been developed simply by the core principles of economic and environmental sustainability. We have identified main waste streams that will arise on projects. And we have found more than effective recycling solutions for all of them.


Another way we perform effective waste recycling, is through ensuring that all waste gets recycled and put to good use. We are able to do this by working together with partners who have the same vision as we do. In 2015, 3D are proud to report that we recycled in excess of 780 tons of recycled materials. Therefore, this has all been audited and certified to cover a detailed waste audit for each of our clients.


We are able to perform such good waste recycling due to our ability to assess all waste.

Furthermore, we utilise effective waste recycling in the following manner:



From the above, it can seen that 3D Stripout perform an effective waste recycling scheme. We are extremely proud of this scheme we have in place, and we do believe that it will greatly benefit any company who works with us.


Contact us to find out more!

The team at 3D Stripout can be reached on 0345 122 1220, or by sending an email to info@3dso.co.uk. We can also be found on Twitter, Facebook and Google+!


Let 3D show you more about our effective waste recycling scheme!

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