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Effective Waste Recycling

When it comes to effective waste recycling, we are the best in the business, this is because of our waste recycling techniques that have been primarily developed simply by the core principles of economic and environmental sustainability, this meaning that we have identified main waste streams that arise on projects and have found more than effective recycling solutions for all of them.

We also make sure that the waste gets recycled and put to good use, we do this by working through partners that believe the same as what we do, and thats that things shouldn’t go to waste, a great example being our recylced glass: all of the glass we have recycled during 2016 has been turned to a resin that has been used to make glass table tops, ensuring that the glass doesn’t go to a landfill and has new life breathed into it. In 2015 alone, 3D recycled in excess of 780 tons of waste recycling materials, all of which was audited and certified to cover a detailed waste audit for each of our clients.

All of this can be done so effectively because of our fantastic ability to assess, we can, from any stage assess the outset and distribution of waste for any project. We utilise effective waste recycling like this so:

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