Specialist Equipment - 3D Stripout

Mini Dumper

Screed Equip 1 300x225 - Specialist Equipment
3D in conjunction with Truxta trialled the first proto-type battery powered mini dumper earlier in the year on a large retails shopping mall project. With ZERO emissions this battery powered mini dumper can carry a load of up to 450kg and operate continually for up to 32 hours on a full charge. Reducing the risks of manual handling incidents and issues. We now have four of these mini dumpers as part of our specialist type specific equipment. A promo YouTube video was made by Truxta for 3D, follow the link.3D Mini Dumpers


3DSO Marketing IMG 01 300x200 - Specialist Equipment
This universal battery powered piece of equipment with three interchangeable features allows 3D to undertake projects where space and task requirements are vital. The pneumatic chisel point can be interchanged with a bucket scoop or fork lift attachment. There are no VIBRATION constraints to the operator, making it truly well suited to the task required.

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