Ugg Store – Westfield Shopping Center, White City

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  • Ugg Trux
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  • Ugg Fire saftey

Westfield Logo1 - Ugg Store - Westfield Shopping Center, White City

Project Details

  • Project Value – £ 46k
  • Duration of Works – 14 Days
  • 6 shifts completed at night  due to noise restrictions
  • Team – 5 Men
  • Total Waste Cleared – 77.5 Tonnes
  • Specialists – Sprinkler isolation
  • Site Safety – 100%
This Ugg retail store at Westfield White City was completely stripped out, ready  for planned redevelopment work by Westfield Project Management.
  • 3D were tasked to strip out and remove all shop fixtures and fittings as a direct main contractor to Westfiel Special Projects.
  • A complete strip out of the dry lined walls, MF ceiling and tiled flooring was carried out.
  • All power, HVAC, sprinkler system, alarms and data were removed.
  • A clean slab to slab was handed over.
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