Ugg Store – Westfield Shopping Center, White City

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Westfield Logo1 - Ugg Store - Westfield Shopping Center, White City

Project Details

  • Project Value – £ 46k
  • Duration of Works – 14 Days
  • 6 shifts completed at night  due to noise restrictions
  • Team – 5 Men
  • Total Waste Cleared – 77.5 Tonnes
  • Specialists – Sprinkler isolation
  • Site Safety – 100%
This Ugg retail store at Westfield White City was completely stripped out, ready  for planned redevelopment work by Westfield Project Management.
  • 3D were tasked to strip out and remove all shop fixtures and fittings as a direct main contractor to Westfiel Special Projects.
  • A complete strip out of the dry lined walls, MF ceiling and tiled flooring was carried out.
  • All power, HVAC, sprinkler system, alarms and data were removed.
  • A clean slab to slab was handed over.

3D Stripout are passionate about providing a professional stripout service of the highest standard. Due to our professional and personal approach, we are able to create long standing and successful relationships with our clients as well as main contractors. We highly consider safety, noise and full consideration to the client and public on every project. Our team are available 7 days a week, in or out of hours. Let us use our hands-on approach to ensure you receive the best possible service for your stripout project! If you have any questions or are wondering about our competitive prices, give our team a call today! You can reach us on: 0345 122 1220 or if you are local to London, you can come into our office in Putney! We look forward to showing you why our services will benefit you and your team!

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