Whitfield Street

  • Whit SO  Large

Project Details

  • Project Value – £ 18k
  • Duration of Works – 10 Days
  • Part Cat “A” Landlords strip out post lease
  • Team – 5 Men
  • Total Waste Cleared – 14 Tonnes
  • Site Safety – 100%
A total ex-trading floor strip out including all equipment, desks, power, data, partitioned walls and storage units.

  • This site was stripped out in full and had a conditional re-fit.
  • The duration of the project was 2 weeks for the initial strip out, clear and recycling of old equipment.
  • A partial re-fit was requested by the client to bring the old office environment up to a letting standard.
  • All works were done in office hours with no disruption to the floors above or below.

3D Stripout are passionate about providing a professional stripout service of the highest standard. Due to our professional and personal approach, we are able to create long standing and successful relationships with our clients as well as main contractors. We highly consider safety, noise and full consideration to the client and public on every project. Our team are available 7 days a week, in or out of hours. We also work hard to ensure that our impact on the environment is not a negative one. We do this by recycling and reducing as much as we can. Our team also sort our waste on site so that it does not get double handled by our waste partners. Let us use our hands-on approach to ensure you receive the best possible service for your stripout project! Contact our team today.

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