Whitfield Street

  • Whit SO  Large

Project Details

  • Project Value – £ 18k
  • Duration of Works – 10 Days
  • Part Cat “A” Landlords strip out post lease
  • Team – 5 Men
  • Total Waste Cleared – 14 Tonnes
  • Site Safety – 100%
A total ex-trading floor strip out including all equipment, desks, power, data, partitioned walls and storage units.

  • This site was stripped out in full and had a conditional re-fit.
  • The duration of the project was 2 weeks for the initial strip out, clear and recycling of old equipment.
  • A partial re-fit was requested by the client to bring the old office environment up to a letting standard.
  • All works were done in office hours with no disruption to the floors above or below.
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