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About Us

At 3D Stripout we are experts. It’s right there in our name. We are passionate about providing a professional strip out service of the highest standard. Based in London, we perform our work on retail units as well as commercial and office solutions. Our experience and knowledge in the industry has allows us to become even more efficient with our work.


At 3D Stripout we have a very personal and professional approach to our shop strip out work. This has allowed us to build and maintain strong relationships with contractors as well as with our clients. We are able to strip out live buildings and work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


On every shop strip out service we perform, our aim is always to perform our work according to the schedule created. We offer all our clients a single point of contact making the communications process simple and excludes any cases of miscommunication.


Before we begin a project we always ensure to understand and then deliver our client’s needs within the contract parameters. We are always committed to improving our work to ensure that we are always learning from our many years in the industry. Our service is always second to none and we act in an extremely professional manner to all site activities.


How We Can Help You

At 3D Stripout we provide a fast, competitive and professional shop strip out service. We are able to guarantee this due our experience in the industry. This service includes a part or full time manager on site, allowing for the project to run smoothly. We perform all fixtures and fittings, glazed shop fronts and display windows as well as a complete builders clean on handover.


With tight project scheduling and technical challenges you can have complete confidence that you are dealing with professionals. At 3D Stripout we can assure you that our shop strip out service is unlike any other you have seen. Not only do we perform excellent work, but we are always devoted to completing our projects with health and safety in mind.


According to our policy statement, we are working to continuously improve our standards in this regard. We are able to do this by setting clear objectives for our team. Our employees are constantly complying with relevant regulatory, legislative requirements and code of practice. We are constantly striving for a continuous improvement structure in our standards!


When you choose 3D Stripout for your shop strip out services, you do not have to worry about the environmental impact of your project. We are committed to developing our recycling and environmental policies in order to further reduce the production of waste. Our team are able to do this through good working practice, economic recycling and reusing.


On our sites, we are able to seperate all recyclable waste efficiently.

This is something that our employees are highly trained for. Due to our waste separation on site, we are able to reduce the cost of our services. When you choose 3D Stripout, you are choosing a company with a high quality service, at an affordable price.


If you are looking for a shop strip out service, there is no one better to turn to than 3D Stripout. We have gained knowledge and experience in the industry through our years on the job. This has allowed us to offer an excellent service every time.
Contact us today to book! You can reach us on 0345 122 1220. Follow us on our social media platforms! You will be able to find all the latest news and updates on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

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