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Our Soft Strip Service

At 3D Stripout we provide a soft strip out solution for commercial, retail and offices in London. We are passionate about providing a professional service of the highest standard. Our approach is professional and personal, therefore, we are able to create long standing and successful relationships with our clients as well as main contractors.
The specialist service we provide allows us to strip out live buildings where safety, noise and consideration to the client and public are important. We work in or out of hours, 7 days a well. Our team cater to your needs!
Our soft strip service involves:

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Our Mission

At 3D Stripout we aim so provide a safe and well-structure project every time. Our company was created from a need to provide the commercial and retail sector with a soft strip out solution. We are a team of highly skilled operatives who hold CSCS cards. Our team are working towards leading the way in industry standards.
The main function of 3D Stripout is to provide a one stop proactive solution to the industry.
Our aim on every project is to deliver:

At 3D Stripout we work hard to ensure that every client receives the highest form of work. We do this by ensuring that we fully understand what it is you are looking to achieve. Our team then work hard to stay within your budget and timeframe.
We are committed to a professional approach, appearance and attitude to all on site activities, on all projects.
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Our Approach

The team at 3D Stripout work hard to ensure that our health and safety procedures are always improved and enforced. We do this by setting out clear objectives for our team with effective and regular reviews of performance.
In order to work well as a team, we ensure that every staff member has a clear understanding of how health and safety can impact our business and projects. We ensure to provide the required training to enable our team to carry out their duties to the best of their abilities.
Furthermore, our soft strip out service is carried out with the environment in mind. We provide effective waste recycling and are therefore able to lead the way in the industry.
Did you know that in 2015 we recycled 780 tons of waste recycling materials?  
At 3D our strength lies in the fact that we are able to assess the distribution of waste on every project. We then break it down by type, feeding it back to your recycling partners.
When you choose 3D Stripout, you are choosing an environmentally friendly team!
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Our Details

To find out more about all that we can offer you, contact us today. You can reach us on 03451 221 220 or Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+!
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If you are in need of a high quality soft strip service, then 3D Stripout are for you thanks to our huge array of varying experience with many clients.


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