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Strip Out Contractor

From 3D Stripout

If you are looking for a strip out contractor in the UK then 3D Stripout are for you! This is thanks to our true efficiency and processes that we use during our work.

One thing we do well is be fast and efficient, this is because we here at 3D stripout understand that stripping out needs to be efficient, as each day spend on the job is a day or potentially lost revenue, this is especially apparent in the retail sector where the newly stripped room will then need to be fully fitted our with shelving and effective storage, like a cooling room if the shop will become a market of any form.

One thing we also do, that many other strip out contractors don’t do, is truly effective waste recycling, Our strength lies in our ability to assess, from the outset the distribution of waste on each and every project, break it down by type and to then feed it back to our recycling partners. We constantly monitor the waste streams we collect and are always searching for new recycling options and opportunities to improve our clients carbon footprint on waste disposal. We follow strict SKA / BREEAM ratings and guidelines as part of our commitment of reducing the carbon footprint for our clients, (The SKA Rating is the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ environmental assessment method. Launced in 2009 for non-domestic fit-outs, it helps clients to evaluate a project against a set of sustainable criteria)

So as you can see, we here at 3D Stripout are the only Strip Out Contractor you will ever need, if you want to learn more, then get in touch!

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The only Strip Out Contractor you will ever need!

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