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Strip Out Demolition

Strip out demolition may be all your office needs for a new look!

Contact 3D Stripout, we know what will work for you.


About Us

3D Stripout provide a professional strip out service of the highest standard. We always ensure that the work we carry out is done correctly and safely to ensure that all our clients and employees feel at ease. Our knowledge and experience in the industry make us the ideal choice for any strip out demolition.


Based in London, we extend our stripout services to the London area and are a group of specialists with the knowledge to perform a reliable and safe service. We perform our work 7 days a week at a time and date convenient to our customer. Our priority is to make the process as stress free and convenient for you as possible.


Our Services

The strip out demolition services we perform can be carried out on commercial, retail or office solutions. Due to our standards we are able to strip out live buildings where safety, noise and consideration to the client and public are our main concern.


Whether you are looking for the strip out of a whole building, or a single room, we have the experience and expertise to help you.


During every project we assign a full or part time project manager. This will ensure that all work is carried out to the highest standard with extreme efficiency. We also always leave our projects with a complete builders clean handover.


Health & Safety

At 3D Stripout we take health and safety very seriously. Therefore all our strip out demolition projects are carried out with this in mind. We strive to continuously improve our health and safety standards. Our team are able to do this by setting out clear objectives with effective and regular reviews of standards. We also always ensure to comply with all relevant regulatory, legislative requirements and code of practice.



During our strip out demolition services we take our environmental standards very seriously. Our approach to waste and the impact it has on the environment is key to how we undertake all our projects. We are proud to be able to seperate 90% of all waste created on site. This allows us to offer more competitive rates to our clients and to improve our overall environmental impact.


If you are looking for a strip out demolition service that is reliable and safe, contact 3D Stripout. Our years of experience and knowledge of the industry will allow us to ensure that every project we carry out is always of the highest standard. You can contact us through our website or by calling 0345 122 1220. Feel free to call with any questions or queries you may have!
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strip out demolition

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