This M&E decommisioning and strip out was carried out over 5 days with a half day on the Saturday to allow for all components to be crained off from the roof top 5 floors above. The isolation of all services was carried out be Capri M&E engineers prior to the dessasembeling / strip out. Removed from the roof top included for the following; 2 large chiller units, 1 GRP pump hous, 1 fresh air ventalation unit including all related ductwork, 100m of 250mm steel barrel, padstones and there related fixing systems. All the M&E components were separated and recycled directly from site, with ZERO waste to landfill achieved. As a result of the pre seperaation at the roof top of the M&E, the high lift crane was only utilised for 3hours.

  • Project Value – £26k
  • Duration of Works – 5 1/2 Days
  • All roof top M&E was cleared.
  • Team – 4 Men
  • Total Metal Waste Cleared – 22 Tonnes
  • Site Safety – 100%